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Our goal is to give kids in impoverished areas a free yoga mat and access to free weekly yoga classes to provide them with a healthy head start in life.

The Benefits Of Yoga For Kids
1. Maintains flexibility and strengthens growing bodies
2. Enhances concentration and the
 capacity to learn effectively
3. Increases Self Esteem
4. Teaches present moment awareness 
5. Cultivates a peaceful, relaxed state of body and mind
6. Gives tools for managing stress and challenging emotions
7. Sparks creativity in ripe imaginations
8. Encourages kind peer and social interactions
9. Enchances body awareness
10. Teaches Discipline and responsibility 

11. Teaches them to self-regulate behavior and achieve personal and academic success.


​Current project

​Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


We are currently having environmentally friendly mats produced locally in a socialy responsble manner for the kids that are learning yoga in Dewa Ramawa's classes and we are working to expand these classes into schools throughout the area to provide the opportunity for more students. There are currently over 100 kids that we are having mats produced for and supporting their yoga program. 

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